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In this paper, we present an information-theoretic approach to obtain an estimate of the number of bits that can be hidden in still images, or, the capacity of the data-hiding channel.We show how the addition of the message signal or signature in a suitable transform domain rather than the spatial domain can significantly increase the channel capacity. Most(More)
— This paper presents conventional and emerging applications of orthogonal synthesis/analysis transform configurations (transmultiplexer) in communications. It emphasizes that orthogonality is the underlying concept in the design of many communication systems. It is shown that orthogonal filter banks (subband transforms) with proper time–frequency features(More)
A generalized parametric PR-QMF design technique based on Bernstein polynomial approximation in the magnitude square domain is developed in this paper. The pa-rametric nature of this solution provides useful insights to the PR-QMF problem. Several well-known orthonormal wavelet filters, PR-QMF's, are shown to be the special cases of the proposed technique.(More)