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AIM Investigation of the erectile functions in partners of women with urinary incontinence problems. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sexually active female patients over the age of 18 years with complaints of urinary incontinence (n=30) (Group-1), and without urinary incontinence (n=30) (Group-2, controls) were included this study. Evaluation of the patients were(More)
Here we report the case of a patient who developed urinary tract infection after a urodynamic study. The causative agent was Raoultella planticola, a rare opportunistic pathogen that usually invades immunocompromised patients. While a urinary tract infection with R. planticola has been previously described, this is the first report in which an R. planticola(More)
OBJECTIVES Benign prostate hyperplasia is frequently diagnosed in elderly chronic renal failure patients. Although it is asymptomatic because urine flow declines in those with chronic renal failure, it may become symptomatic when urine flow increases after renal transplant. Untreated benign prostate hyperplasia may lead to several complications that(More)
The authors enrolled 32 female partners of sexually active men with premature ejaculation to investigate their sexual functions. An age-matched sample of the same number women whose partners had no sexual dysfunction was also included. Premature ejaculation was defined for all participants as ejaculation that nearly always occurs before or within 2 min of(More)
PURPOSE Technological developments provide a lot of conveniences to our lives. This issue is one of the risks that arise along with these conveniences. In our study we tried to understand the impact of electromagnetic waves from mobile phones on bladder tissue. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-one adult male albino rats were divided into three equal groups.(More)
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