Ali Motamedi

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Recommended by Milind Buddhikot This paper addresses the problem of optimal channel selection for spectrum-agile low-powered wireless networks in unlicensed bands. The channel selection problem is formulated as a multiarmed bandit problem enabling us to derive the optimal selection rules. The model assumptions about the interfering traffic that motivates(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based systems have been used in different applications in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner and Operator (AECOO) industry. Applications are mainly designed for specific lifecycle stage and serve the needs of only one of the stakeholders. This would increase the cost and the labor for adding and removing(More)
—Opportunistic Spectrum Access (OSA) allows unlicensed secondary networks to share licensed spectrum in space and time, but only when licensed users are not using the spectrum. Thus this novel spectrum management technique started drawing the attention of researchers recently. Although many interesting approaches have been proposed, most techniques are(More)
  • Anatol Khilo, Steven J Spector, Matthew E Grein, Amir H Nejadmalayeri, Charles W Holzwarth, Michelle Y Sander +152 others
  • 2012
Accurate conversion of wideband multi-GHz analog signals into the digital domain has long been a target of analog-to-digital converter (ADC) developers, driven by applications in radar systems, software radio, medical imaging, and communication systems. Aperture jitter has been a major bottleneck on the way towards higher speeds and better accuracy.(More)
In this project we examined the possibility of using supervised learning techniques to classify the opinion of online product reviews that are not accompanied by a quantitative opinion measure. The classifiers were trained using customer reviews. The test results showed that a combination of a heuristic feature selection algorithm and a support(More)
— The Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) protocol allows for vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communication in an ad-hoc configuration. Vehicles participating in the network can act as the source or the sink of the road condition and other types of information, or as nodes taking part in routing a message towards its destination in a multi-hop fashion.(More)
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