Ali Mokhtarian

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Oxidation of the energetic substrates by the body is associated with oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, and heat release specific to the nature of the energetic substrates being oxidized. Therefore, measurement of respiratory exchanges (indirect calorimetry) is a powerful method to investigate heat production of a living organism. In this(More)
A method is described for stress-free periodic sampling of blood and/or intravenous infusions in the normal awake and behaving mouse. The surgical procedure consists of the permanent implantation of a Silastic-rubber catheter in the right external jugular vein. The free end of the catheter is then pulled subcutaneously up to the skull and fixed on the skull(More)
A large number of people suffer from impairments, such as injury to joints or the spinal cord, that limit motion of the pelvis. This motion plays an important role in balance and propulsion during a gait cycle. In this work, we present a method to design a passive device that assists the pelvis to move close to a reference trajectory during walking with(More)
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