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Nowadays, automatic extraction of man-made objects such as buildings and roads in urban areas has become a topic of growing interest for photogrammetric and computer vision community. Researches in this domain started from late 1980s and used quite different types of source images ranging from single intensity images, color images, laser range images to(More)
The malachite green microtube (MGMT) susceptibility assay was performed directly on sputum specimens (n = 80) and indirectly on Mycobacterium tuberculosis clinical isolates (n = 60). The technique is based on the malachite green dye, which changes color in response to M. tuberculosis growth. The MGMT assay is simple and rapid and does not require expensive(More)
Attaining geospatial information is a challenge for many scientific practitioners. Such information is a necessary tool for spatial decision making. Remote Sensing (RS) is the leading art/science providing the data for many global or local applications such as: green house effect, pollution, military, urban and land use. Graphical elements of geospatial(More)
Automatic extraction and reconstruction of objects from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data and images has been a topic of research for decades. In other words, laser scanner data are powerful data source for acquisition and updating of large scale topographic maps. With this information, topographic objects like buildings, trees and the relief can be(More)
Assessment of different topographic correction methods in ALOS AVNIR-2 data over a forest area, Taylor & Francis makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the information (the " Content ") contained in the publications on our platform. However, Taylor & Francis, our agents, and our licensors make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the(More)
Automatic road detection from high resolution satellite images has been an active research topic in the past decades. Different solutions are proposed to detect road object such as: fusion-based, fuzzy-based, mathematical morphology, model-based approach, dynamic programming and multi-scale grouping. In this paper, a new fuzzy segmentation method is(More)
—The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has been identified as contributing to the increase in global mean temperature. Carbon sequestration into trees and forests is an effective and inexpensive method for decreasing the CO 2 level in the atmosphere. Hence, accurate measurements of biomass levels will be important to the global(More)