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In this paper we present a new indexing-based approach to fingerprint matching technique. Our proposed approach is the idea of associating a unique topological structure with the fingerprint minutiae using Voronoi diagram (VD). We utilize well-known algorithms and techniques from the initial step of image registration up to feature extraction (Minutiae(More)
In this paper, we study the weak point matching problem for a given set of n points and a class of equilateral triangles. The problem is to find the maximum cardinality matching of the points using equilateral triangles such that each triangle contains exactly two points and each point lies at most in one triangle. Under the non-degeneracy assumption, we(More)
Convex hull; Non-dominated solutions; Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms; Complexity; Ranking procedure. Abstract Due tomany applications of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms in real world optimization problems, several studies have been done to improve these algorithms in recent years. Since most multi-objective evolutionary algorithms are based(More)
In this paper, an Image Encryption System by special kind of cellular automata (cellular automata with memory) and also an appropriate transition function for the cryptosystem have been proposed. Also a lossy idea is used to present a secure cryptosystem. The use of lossy method provides a secure method and it is shown that the result is resistant to(More)
The ability to analyze and compare protein-nucleic acid and protein-protein interaction interface has critical importance in understanding the biological function and essential processes occurring in the cells. Since high-resolution three-dimensional (3D) structures of biomacromolecule complexes are available, computational characterizing of the interface(More)
In this paper we present a method for tagging web pages using more formal conceptual structures than a set of keywords. We have developed a formal Tag model and a method to map a set of keywords on it. Moreover, this model is used as the basis for the conceptual tag refinement, which searches for terms which are conceptually related to the tags that are(More)