Ali Merchant

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Varicella-Zoster Virus (VZV) is the second most common ocular pathogen in patients with HIV infection. VZV retinitis is estimated to occur in 0.6% of patients with HIV infection and may occur in one of two clinical syndromes. The first is the acute retinal necrosis syndrome, which also may be seen in immunocompetent hosts. The second clinical syndrome(More)
Note that (26) proves Theorem 6 for b = 1. For b < 1, the situation for p b has to be given special consideration: Pr(q (n) In steady state we get By the same way, working inductively, one may show that for k j < b we get : p j x k;0 = p j?k+1 x k;k + p j?k+2 (x k;k+1 + x k;k) + + p j?1 (x k;2 + + x k;k); thus proving Theorem 6 , for b < 1 (including the(More)
We have developed a distributed and extensible environment for modeling multidisciplinary engineering problems using the Internet. The system allows both new and existing numerical tools to be represented as components that connect to form complex simulations. Numerically intensive calculations are relegated to dedicated servers, while a variety of clients—(More)
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