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This study evaluated dental fluorosis of the incisors and immunoreactivity in the brain tissues of rats given chronic fluoride doses pre- and postnatally. Female rats were given drinking water with 0, 30 or 100 ppm fluoride ad libitum throughout gestation and the nursing period. In addition, 63 male offspring were treated with the same water regimens as the(More)
The postoperative ultrasound pattern in 33 patients with previous surgery for unilocular hydatid disease of the liver was investigated. Each patient was submitted to liver scanning with 99mTc pertecnate, as well as to real time ultrasound examination. The patients were divided into three groups according to the type of surgery performed, namely; omentopexy,(More)
OBJECTIVES Parents are increasingly searching the Internet to gather information about their children's health care. This study compared infant teething information obtained from publically employed pediatricians in Istanbul with that obtained from different Turkish websites (parenting, health, professional, news and commercial). METHODS This study had(More)
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