Ali Mehrabian

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Redundancy and diversity has been shown to be an effective approach for ensuring service continuity (an important requirement for autonomic systems) despite the presence of anomalies due to attacks or faults. In this paper, we focus on operating system (OS) diversity, which is useful in helping a system survive kernel-level anomalies. We propose an approach(More)
Execution traces can be overwhelmingly large. To reduce their size, sampling techniques, especially the ones based on random sampling, have been extensively used. Random sampling, however, may result in samples that are not representative of the original trace. We propose a trace sampling framework based on stratified sampling that not only reduces the size(More)
Understanding the behavioural aspects and functional attributes of an existing software system is an important enabler for many software engineering activities including software maintenance and evolution. In this paper, we focus on understanding the differences between subsequent versions of the same system. This allows software engineers to compare the(More)
This article presents the conceptual design of a collaborative web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) for land use planning in which all parties including land use planners, applicants/developers, and community stakeholders can participate. The approach employs three-tier architecture built in a Java client-server environment, and consists of the(More)
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