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We are prospectively examining the relation between environmental lead exposure and pregnancy outcome in cohorts of women exposed to a wide range of air lead concentrations. Titova Mitrovica, Yugoslavia, is the site of a large lead smelter, refinery, and battery factory. At midpregnancy, 602 women in T. Mitrovica and 900 women in Pristina, a(More)
It has been suggested that the accumulation of tobacco-derived cadmium (Cd) in the placenta is responsible for the adverse effect of cigarette smoking on infant birthweight. We chose to test this hypothesis; therefore, we studied a population of nonsmoking pregnant women who were exposed to low levels of smelter-derived Cd and a group of nonexposed women. A(More)
This paper tests the hypothesis that exposure to lead during pregnancy is associated with reduced intrauterine growth and an increase in preterm delivery. The sample comprises women, recruited at mid-pregnancy, residing in Titova Mitrovica, a lead smelter town, or in Pristina, a non-exposed town 25 miles away. Both towns are in the province of Kosovo,(More)
This analysis compares the rates of spontaneous abortion among women living in the vicinity of a lead smelter with those of women living in a town where blood lead levels were low. Data derive from the obstetric histories of both groups of women obtained while seeking prenatal care for a later pregnancy. A total of 639 women (304 exposed, 335 unexposed) had(More)
During the course of a prospective study of lead exposure and pregnancy outcome in 1,502 women, we tested the hypothesis that environmental lead exposure is associated with depressed serum erythropoietin concentration. At mid-pregnancy and at delivery, blood samples were stratified by hemoglobin concentration; within each hemoglobin stratum, sera of women(More)
We combine functional analytical and graph theoretical methods in order to study flows in networks. We show that these flows can be described by a strongly continuous operator semigroup on a Banach space. Using Perron-Frobenius spectral theory we then prove that this semigroup behaves asymptotically periodic.
In 2008 and 2009, a survey on the situation of organic apple production in Kosovo and Albania was conducted in order to obtain information that is necessary to develop a profitable and sustainable production in the countries of Southeastern Europe. In both countries, the natural conditions for apple cultivation are good, when it is mainly based on small(More)
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