Ali Mazloomzadeh

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Growing interest in power quality has led the international working groups to define new measurement techniques to apply to power systems. Special attention has been paid to harmonic and inter-harmonic measurements. This paper presents a new method to optimize harmonic estimation in power systems. The method uses filter bank property of discrete wavelet(More)
To protect large-scale power-grid critical infrastructures, efficient security and intrusion prevention techniques are required to prevent remote adversaries from attacking the computational and data resources. Traditionally, trusted computing base solutions, i.e., a small easy-to-verify software and/or hardware component, act as the trust root for the(More)
Modern power system grid incorporates controllers, communications and information technology infrastructures into the electrical power system to create a smart grid in terms of operation. In this paper, the concept of real time control of a smart grid will be discussed by developing a micro grid test-bed at the Energy System Research Laboratory at Florida(More)
Providing clean, continuous and reliable power to many industrial customers has become a necessity. Where possible, sensitive customers are supplied by two low-voltage utility feeders one of which is used as backup. Bus Transfer is able to provide the sensitive loads with a fast transfer to the backup feeder when the main one fails. This paper presents a(More)