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—The focus of this paper is to develop a distributed control algorithm that will regulate the power output of multiple pho-tovoltaic generators (PVs) in a distribution network. To this end, the cooperative control methodology from network control theory is used to make a group of PV generators converge and operate at certain (or the same) ratio of available(More)
provided it is not made publicly available until 12 months after publication. Abstract The small size, extensively dispersed and decentralized, and high penetration level of renewable energy sources in the future smart grids make the application of conventional optimal power flow (OPF) neither practical nor economical. In this paper, a practical approach is(More)
—In this paper, the problem of optimal voltage and power regulation is formulated for distributed generators (DGs) in DC microgrids. It is shown that the resulting control is optimal but would require the full information of the microgrid. Relaxation of information requirement reduces the optimal control into several controls including the conventional(More)
—Cooperative distributed optimization is proposed in this paper to optimally dispatch the reactive power of the distributed generators (DGs). The overall objective is to minimize the cost function that is the sum of all quadratic voltage errors of the DG nodes and other critical nodes in the system. It is assumed that each DG is only aware of its own cost(More)
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