Ali Mahdoum

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As semiconductor technology scales down, integration on a chip becomes higher and concerns complex algorithm implementation. Those algorithms concern plenty of applications in many fields. Thus, adequate scheduling techniques that cope with such a variety of applications are required. The method presented in this paper addresses that concern and takes(More)
  • Ali Mahdoum
  • 2013 IEEE 8th Conference on Industrial…
  • 2013
The current systems are very complex and feature a high degree of communications. Because the bus is a critical and shared resource, it can no longer cope with the requirements of applications for which the bandwidth is a critical parameter. An intermediate solution was to use cross-bars but was also rejected in favor of more interesting solutions: using a(More)
We present in this paper a CAD tool that aims at designing low-energy buses. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) we developed manages many techniques dealing with the addressed problem: simple coding, coding subject to fixed / dynamic probabilities and an enhanced dynamic probabilities-based technique. Moreover, this environment allows tuning the parameters(More)
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