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INTRODUCTION The present study aimed to generate a model that would provide a conceptual framework for linking disparate components of knowledge translation. A theoretical model of such would enable the organization and evaluation of attempts to analyze current conditions and to design interventions on the transfer and utilization of research knowledge. (More)
The hardware implementation of adaptive filters is a challenging issue in real-time practical noise cancellation, echo cancellation, prediction and system identification applications. In general-purpose applications the hardware utilization and maximum frequency are two important designing criteria. This paper presents hardware implementing of adaptive(More)
The lifetime of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is an important issue of much recent researches. A practical and widely used approach to prolong the lifetime of WSN is multi-mode protocols in which the sensor nodes are switched between active and sleep modes. But there is no work so far to study the multi-mode structures from reliability viewpoint. In this(More)
Energy constraint is main issue of wireless sensor networks. The duplicate transmitted packets play an important role in energy consumption of WSN. In this paper a duplication avoidance method is proposed with high coverage area and low control overheads. So just a group of nodes (not all nodes) select as transmitters and the other sensor nodes forward the(More)
Recently Qian et al. [38] have proposed a new attack for RFID systems, called counting attack, where the attacker just aims to estimate the number of tagged objects instead of steal the tags’ private information. They have stated that most of the existing RFID mutual authentication protocols are vulnerable to this attack. To defend against counting attack,(More)
This paper describes the application of Imperialist Competitive Algorithm (ICA) to design and optimization of combinational logic circuits. Imperialist Competitive Algorithm is a new sociopolitically motivated global search strategy that recently has been introduced for dealing with different optimization tasks. We proposed a cost function to evolve(More)
Considering that practical wireless sensor networks are mostly built upon energy-constrained sensor nodes, network lifetime becomes a key deployment factor for sustainability of such networks initiating an attempt for prolonging the lifetime. Adopting a new multi-mode switching protocol for sensor nodes between active and sleep states, in this study, the(More)