Ali. M.H. Abbas

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This paper presents a comprehensive review of existing research and development work on Voltage Sourced Converter (VSC) based HVDC systems. In addition to providing an overview of the state of the art, an extensive bibliography of the existing literature is provided. Throughout the paper numerous areas of open research are also identified to promote future(More)
A new power delivery strategy is proposed in this paper. It relies on integrating Destributed Energy Resources (DER) to AC distribution networks through a multi-terminal Voltage Sourced Converter (VSC) based DC system. To accoplish this, a new converter topology is designed. This topology integrates both AC and DC networks and is unified for different(More)
The Backoff mechanism is one of the key factors of Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol which is scheduling to share the medium among the stations in order to transmit data in Wireless Local Area Network networks (WLAN). More in detail, the wireless network allows multiple stations to interact with each other on a same medium. Therefore, if two or more(More)
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