Ali M. Eltamaly

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—Three-phase controlled converters have many applications especially in adjustable speed drives and renewable energy. A three-phase controlled converter is a good option in these applications due to its low cost, simplicity, and maintainability with respect to other solutions like a full-bridge insulated gate bipolar transistor converter or a Vienna(More)
This paper aimed to study the behavior of different maximum power point tracking (MPPT) techniques applied to PV systems. In this work, techniques such as hill climbing (HC), incremental conductance (INC), perturb-and-observe (P&O), and fuzzy logic controller (FLC) are assessed. A model of PV module and DC/DC boost converter with the different techniques of(More)
Because of its low maintenance and robustness, induction motors have many applications in the industries. Most of these applications need fast and smart speed control system. This paper introduces a smart speed control system for induction motor using fuzzy logic controller. Induction motor is modeled in synchronous reference frame in terms of dq form. The(More)
Three-phase controlled converter has many applications in interfacing renewable energy sources and adjustable speed drives as a rectifier or inverter. The utility line currents of this converter have high harmonic distortion more than the harmonic standards. This research introduces a new technique of circulating third harmonic currents from dc-link to the(More)
This paper introduces an accurate procedure to choose the best site from many sites and suitable wind turbines for these sites depending on the minimum price of kWh generated (Energy Cost Figure (ECF)) from wind energy system. In this paper a new proposed computer program has been introduced to perform all the calculations and optimization required to(More)
This paper introduces an optimal sizing algorithm for a hybrid renewable energy system using smart grid load management application based on the available generation. This algorithm aims to maximize the system energy production and meet the load demand with minimum cost and highest reliability. This system is formed by photovoltaic array, wind turbines,(More)
This paper proposes a variable speed control scheme of grid-connected wind energy conversion system, WECS, using permanent magnet synchronous generator. The control algorithm tracking the maximum power for wind speeds below rated speed of wind turbines (WTs) and ensure the power will not exceed the rated power for wind speeds higher than the rated speed of(More)
A novel, simple and reliable digital firing scheme has been implemented for soft starting and speed control of three-phase induction motor using ac voltage controller. The system consists of three-phase supply connected to the three-phase induction motor via three triacs and its control circuit. The ac voltage controller has three modes of operation(More)
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