Ali M. Alsahlany

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This paper investigates performance of the medium access control (MAC) protocol in MPR/IEEE 802.11n over fiber network. A closed-form expression for the maximum throughput is derived. Based on the presented model effects of the number of antennas used by remote antenna units (RAUs), fiber propagation delay and network size on the performance of MAC is(More)
A simulation model is presented to analyze and evaluate the performance of VoIP based integrated wireless LAN/WAN with taking into account various voice encoding schemes. The network model was simulated using OPNET Modeler software. Different parameters that indicate the QoS like MOS, jitter, end to end delay, traffic send and traffic received are(More)
A simulation model using OPNET tool is introduced for testing audio codecs impact on quality of VoIP based on IEEE802.16e with taking into account handover performance. Different parameters that indicate the quality of VoIP such as Throughput, MOS, End to End delay and traffic send and received. According to our simulation the acceptable MOS value is(More)
The WiMAX network in the city of Baghdad is established by “The State Company for Internet Services” (SCIS). SCIS is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Communications (MoC) in Iraq. SCIS is responsible for the installation and operation of WiMAX networks and is also the prime “Wireless Internet service provider” (WISP) in Iraq. This(More)
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