Ali M. Ahmad

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Natural killer (NK) cells constitute the first line of host defense against invading pathogens. They usually become activated in an early phase of a viral infection. Liver is particularly enriched in NK cells, which are activated by hepatotropic viruses such as hepatitis C virus (HCV). The activated NK cells play an essential role in recruiting(More)
BACKGROUND Large geographical gaps in our knowledge of the prevalence and burden of headache disorders include Pakistan, a country with major problems of poverty, illiteracy and security. We report implementation in this country of standard methods developed by Lifting The Burden (LTB) for population-based burden-of-headache studies. METHODS We surveyed(More)
Excessive neutrophil recruitment is implicated in the pathogenesis of chronic lung diseases by causing collateral tissue damage. The cells move from the circulation in response to chemokines, such as interleukin (IL)-8, that are secreted by several lung cell types including epithelial cells. This study has investigated factors present in bronchial(More)
BACKGROUND In medicine, research misconduct is historically associated with laboratory or pharmaceutical research, but the vulnerability of epidemiological surveys should be recognized. As these surveys underpin health policy and allocation of limited resources, misreporting can have far-reaching implications. We report how fraud in a nationwide headache(More)
BACKGROUND Digital necrosis is a rare phenomenon of paraneoplastic syndrome associated with squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil. Since 1965, more than 70 cases have been reported worldwide in the literature. CASE REPORT A 54-year-old male smoker presented with Raynaud's phenomenon, proceeding to frank gangrene of the fingers. Working up the case finally(More)
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