Ali L Tucker

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A(1) adenosine receptors inhibit adenylate cyclase by activating G(i)/G(o), whereas A(2A) receptors activate G(s). We examined how regions of A(1) and A(2A) receptors regulate coupling to G-proteins by constructing chimaeras in which the third intracellular loops (3ICL or L) and/or the C-termini (or T) were switched. Pertussis toxin (PTX) was used in(More)
In an up-linkage replication, three experiments examined adult humans' folk physics, i.e., their naturally occurring and spontaneous understanding of the physical world, using a violation of expectation (VOE) task and stimuli similar to those used to study chimpanzees', monkeys', and rooks' folk physics. Unlike what has been reported with nonhuman primates,(More)
potential of bovine nuclear transfer embryos and postnatal survival rate of cloned calves produced by two different timings of fusion and activation. characteristics of bovine calves derived from nuclei from somatic cells. Reproductive characteristics of cloned heifers derived from adult somatic cells.A. Chromosomal instability in the cattle clones derived(More)
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