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  • Ali Kiani
  • 2013
BACKGROUND A fall in plasma concentration of energy status related hormones (leptin, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and insulin) and body energy expenditure occurs in response to short term fasting. Nevertheless, the relations of the fasting-induced changes in energy related hormones and metabolites with fasting energy expenditure (FEE) under extended(More)
Heterogeneity of schema and data in information integration complicates metadata management and query processing. We consider a mediator-based approach (MI) to information integration and propose a model theoretic approach to describe integration. In this model, we view the schema of the integration as a 3D space, and assume it is a complete lattice. The(More)
CONTEXT Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is a chronic malignancy of myeloid linage associated with a significant increase in granulocytes in bone marrow and peripheral blood. CML diagnosis is based on detection of Philadelphia chromosome and "Abelson murine leukemia viral oncogene homolog" (ABL)-"breakpoint cluster region protein" fusions (ABL-BCR(More)
Many cellular damages either in normal or cancerous tissues are the outcome of molecular events affected by ionizing radiation. T-cells are the most important among immune system agents and are used for biological radiation dose measurement in recommended standard methods. The herbs with immune modulating properties may be useful to reduce the risk of the(More)
This study aimed to determine fatty acid (FA) composition of Longissimus dorsi (LD) and Biceps femoris (BF) muscles of an Iranian indigenous goat (Lori goat) at two live weights at slaughter (LWS). Twenty male Lori goats (5 to 8 months) raised in nomadic system were slaughtered either at LWS less than 20 kg (light) or LWS more than 30 kg (heavy). Carcass(More)
BACKGROUND Following human radiation exposure in hospital or accidents, dose assessments are of prime importance in radiation accidents. These issues are of continuing importance with respect to socioeconomic policy relating to the industrial and medical uses of ionizing radiation, and also for risk assessment among people who are occupationally exposed to(More)
The present study was carried out to examine the effects of a vitamin premix (VP) reduction or withdrawal from finisher diet (29-43 days) on performance, immuno-competence, and characteristics of leg bones and meat lipid oxidation of chickens fed on corn-soybean meal based diet. A total of 900 male broiler chickens (Ross 308) were allocated to five(More)