Ali Kiani

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BACKGROUND A fall in plasma concentration of energy status related hormones (leptin, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and insulin) and body energy expenditure occurs in response to short term fasting. Nevertheless, the relations of the fasting-induced changes in energy related hormones and metabolites with fasting energy expenditure (FEE) under extended(More)
BACKGROUND Following human radiation exposure in hospital or accidents, dose assessments are of prime importance in radiation accidents. These issues are of continuing importance with respect to socioeconomic policy relating to the industrial and medical uses of ionizing radiation, and also for risk assessment among people who are occupationally exposed to(More)
Many cellular damages either in normal or cancerous tissues are the outcome of molecular events affected by ionizing radiation. T-cells are the most important among immune system agents and are used for biological radiation dose measurement in recommended standard methods. The herbs with immune modulating properties may be useful to reduce the risk of the(More)
Rewriting of conjunctive queries using views has many applications in database and data integration. We investigate ways to improve performance of rewriting and propose a new algorithm which has two phases. In the first phase, similar to Minicon, we find mapping information , which we call coverages, from subgoals in the query to subgoals in view, and(More)
Answering queries using views has been the subject of numerous studies in database and information integration systems. In this work, we consider conjunctive queries with linear equality constraints. Such queries arise naturally in database applications, (heterogeneous) information integration, and in cooperative information systems. We propose a model for(More)
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