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OBJECTIVE Analysis of the clinical and laboratory features of childhood onset systemic lupus erythematosus (JSLE). PATIENTS AND METHOD Forty five children, aged below 16, were enrolled in this retrospective multicenter study. All patients fulfilled the American College of Rheumatology revised criteria 1982 for the diagnosis of SLE and had shown clinical(More)
  • Ali Kiani
  • International journal of endocrinology and…
  • 2013
BACKGROUND A fall in plasma concentration of energy status related hormones (leptin, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and insulin) and body energy expenditure occurs in response to short term fasting. Nevertheless, the relations of the fasting-induced changes in energy related hormones and metabolites with fasting energy expenditure (FEE) under extended(More)
The present study was carried out to examine the effects of a vitamin premix (VP) reduction or withdrawal from finisher diet (29-43 days) on performance, immuno-competence, and characteristics of leg bones and meat lipid oxidation of chickens fed on corn-soybean meal based diet. A total of 900 male broiler chickens (Ross 308) were allocated to five(More)
This study aimed to determine fatty acid (FA) composition of Longissimus dorsi (LD) and Biceps femoris (BF) muscles of an Iranian indigenous goat (Lori goat) at two live weights at slaughter (LWS). Twenty male Lori goats (5 to 8 months) raised in nomadic system were slaughtered either at LWS less than 20 kg (light) or LWS more than 30 kg (heavy). Carcass(More)
Heterogeneity of schema and data in information integration complicates metadata management and query processing. We consider a mediator-based approach (MI) to information integration and propose a model theoretic approach to describe integration. In this model, we view the schema of the integration as a 3D space, and assume it is a complete lattice. The(More)
This study aimed to test whether the digestive and metabolic characteristics of pseudo ruminants provide superior ability to utilise low-quality diets compared to true ruminants. A total of 18 mature, non-pregnant, non-lactating female animals, including six llamas (Lama glama), six Danish Landrace goats and six Shropshire sheep, were used in a crossover(More)
Answering queries using views has been the subject of numerous studies in database and information integration systems. In this work, we consider conjunctive queries with linear equality constraints. Such queries arise naturally in database applications, (heterogeneous) information integration, and in cooperative information systems. We propose a model for(More)