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We study the Bochner and Gel fand integration of Banach space valued correspondences on a general Loeb space. Though it is well known that the Lyapunov type result on the compactness and convexity of the integral of a correspondence and the Fatou type result on the preservation of upper semicontinuity by integration are in general not valid in the setting(More)
An equilibrium in a game theoretic setting a la Debreu with a broader structure is proved. In particular, our framework is general enough to encompass both the Aumann (Economefrica 34 (1966), 1-17) economy of perfect competition and the nonordered preferences setting of Mas-Cole11 (J. Math. Econ. 1 (1974), 237-246). Moreover. since the dimensionality of the(More)
—In this paper we derive conditions under which Spatio-temporal power allocation provides exponential diversity when the quality of channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT) and receiver (CSIR) degrades. We show that exponential diversity is obtained provided two conditions are satisfied; 1)the feedback rate increases linearly with the(More)
Do mandatory spending programs such as Medicare improve efficiency? We analyze a model with two parties allocating a fixed budget to a public good and private transfers each period over an infinite horizon. We compare two institutions that differ in whether public good spending is discretionary or mandatory. We model mandatory spending as an endogenous(More)
For a large collection of random variables in an ideal setting, pairwise independence is shown to be almost equivalent to mutual independence. An asymptotic interpretation of this fact shows the equivalence of asymptotic pairwise independence and asymptotic mutual independence for a triangular array (or a sequence) of random variables. Similar equivalence(More)
Enclosed please find the packet containing an annotated list of the Johns Hopkins Ph.D. candidates in economics who are on the job market this year, along with their curriculum vitae and dissertation abstracts. Please note that the same information is available on our web site, All of these candidates expect to complete their dissertations by September of(More)
Response gene to complement (RGC)-32 is a novel molecule that plays an important role in cell proliferation. We investigated the expression of RGC-32 in multiple sclerosis (MS) brain and in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) obtained from patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. We found that CD3(+), CD68(+), and glial fibrillar acidic(More)
The rapid increase of information technology usage demands the high level of security in order to keep the data resources and equipments of the user secure. In this current era of networks, there is an eventual stipulate for development of consistent, extensible, easily manageable and have low maintenance cost solutions for Intrusion Detection. Network(More)