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This paper is concerned with the control strategy for the parallel operation of distributed generation systems (DGS) in a standalone AC power supply. The proposed control method uses only low-bandwidth data communication signals between each generation system in addition to the locally measurable feedback signals. This is achieved by combining two control(More)
A three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor is used as a propulsion system of an electric vehicle (EV). The motor is controlled at different operating conditions using a direct torque control (DTC) technique combined with a new switching pattern producing low harmonics. The operating flux of the motor is chosen optimally for losses minimization and good(More)
  • Ali Keyhani, Mohammad N. Marwali, Lauis E. Higuera, Geeta Athalye
  • 2001
This paper describes the basic concept of an integrated virtual learning system as an instructional tool for the development of digital signal processor (DSP)-based control schemes for motor drive applications. The system is comprised of a graphical user interface (GUI) front-end and a hardware-in-the-loop custom DSP for rapid prototyping and efficient(More)
This paper presents a new approach to identify the nonlinear model of an induction machine. The free acceleration test is performed on a 5-HP induction machine, and the resulting stator voltages, stator currents and rotor angular velocity are measured. Using the maximum likelihood (ML) algorithm, the parameter sets of the nonlinear model at various(More)
A novel technique to estimate and model parameters of a 460-MVA large steam turbine generator from operating data is presented. First, data from small excitation disturbances are used to estimate linear model armature circuit and field winding parameters of the machine. Subsequently, for each set of steady state operating data, saturable inductances and are(More)
economical value. Sizing and grading of orange is needed for the fruit to be presented to local and foreign markets. A study of orange physical properties is therefore indispensable. Some physical properties of grade one (large), two (medium) and three (small) oranges were investigated. These properties included: dimensions, mass, volume, surface area,(More)
Field orientation techniques without flux measurements depend on the parameters of the motor, particularly on the rotor resistance or rotor time constant(for rotor field orientation). Since these parameters change continuously as a function of temperature it is important the value of rotor resistance be continuously estimated online. A fourth order sliding(More)