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BACKGROUND The benzodiazepines are used primarily for anxiolysis, amnesia and sedation. However, recent investigations have shown that some forms of this group of drugs have also direct effect on pain. This study aims to determine the effect of midazolam in reducing the severity of pain in women scheduled for elective cesarean section. METHODS In a(More)
The 3rd National Audit Project (NAP3) showed neuraxial blockade to have a very low rate of serious complications. However, persistent neurological deficit following such procedures is concerning for patients and professionals alike. We recently encountered a case of extremely prolonged weakness and sensory deficit, following intrathecal administration of(More)
BACKGROUND Pain in trauma has a role similar to the double-edged sword. On the one hand, pain is a good indicator to determine the severity and type of injury. On the other hand, pain can induce sever complications and it may lead to further deterioration of the patient. Therefore, knowing how to manage pain in trauma patients is an important part of(More)
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