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This paper discusses the results of a study of the requirements for developing a remote RF laboratory. This study draws on the perspectives of educators in university electrical engineering departments and in technical colleges, on the teaching of the radio frequency (RF) domain. The study investigates how these educators would like the technical content of(More)
In the standard forward-looking models of the recent literature, theoretical optimal monetary policy rules imply much higher inertia of interest rates than estimated historical policy rules. Motivated by the observation that theoretical policy rules often assume perfect commitment on the part of the monetary authority, this study formulates the monetary(More)
This paper presents a new feature set for the problem of recognizing pulse 10 repetition interval (PRI) modulation patterns. The recognition is based upon the features 11 extracted from the multiresolution decomposition of different types of PRI modulated 12 sequences. Special emphasis is placed on the recognition of jittered and stagger type PRI 13(More)
SETTING Karachi and Hyderabad, Pakistan. OBJECTIVE To describe the level and quality of tuberculosis (TB) case management by non-TB control program (TCP) physicians in urban Sindh, Pakistan. DESIGN We interviewed 152 adults with pulmonary TB confirmed by Karachi's TB control program regarding the initial management of their TB symptoms before entering(More)
A central tenet of inflation targeting is that establishing and maintaining well-anchored inflation expectations are essential. In this paper, we reexamine the role of key elements of the inflation targeting framework towards this end, in the context of an economy where economic agents have an imperfect understanding of the macroeconomic landscape within(More)
A remote laboratory aims to provide access to remote lab equipment over the internet. The design and development of the client software is subject to various requirements. In this paper we discuss these requirements and propose solutions. Implementations are demonstrated for some remote experiments developed in the ERRL project. An XML format for(More)
Most of discoveries indicate that the best way to overcome diabetes is to prevent the risks of diabetes before becoming a diabetic. With this opinion, we would like to find a way to estimate diabetes risk, according to some variables such as age, total cholesterol, gender or shape of the body. Due to having fuzzy input and output (glucose rate) values and(More)
This paper presents, first, a short survey of remote laboratory initiatives in electrical and computer engineering, and then discusses design and development phases of remote laboratory environment on radio communications, the ERRL (European Remote Radio Laboratory). As being the first attempt in establishing of such a large scale remote laboratory on radio(More)
Measurement results are presented for the effects of people moving near and across short-range indoor propagation links at 2.45 GHz (ISM band). Excess loss due to scattering and blockage by human bodies in the vicinity of one terminal were measured for different radio links in an office environment. Statistics on fades due to human body motion are given.(More)
Ray tracing algorithms rely on two dimensional or three dimensional database. They use ray optical techniques referred to as the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD) using building database given as polygons. Building geometries can also be modelled as having non-planar geometries, and this would be important in modeling of shadowing loss due to curved(More)