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In this work, we present a novel approach that leverages Linux containers to achieve High Availability (HA) for cloud applications. A middleware that is comprised of a set of HA agents is defined to compensate the limitations of Linux containers in achieving HA. In our approach we start modeling at the application level, considering the dependencies among(More)
Cloud computing is an emerging paradigm that is gaining more attention by the day. Even with the increased number of applications that are being deployed in the Cloud, the question remains, is the Cloud ready to host applications adhering to telecommunication-grade requirements? In this paper we target the issue of the high-availability (HA) requirement in(More)
Service availability is an important aspect of service provisioning. To ensure end-to-end quality, system integrators need to build systems that satisfy quality of service requirements including high-availability. By using specialized middleware, system integrators can incorporate high availability features into their applications, thus rendering the(More)
Collaborative research between academia and industry is considered by many the perfect combination of expertise. The strong academic theoretical background is perfectly complemented by the applied knowledge of the industry. Yet we see many collaborative projects that fail to deliver the intended results. We believe that long-term collaboration should be(More)
High availability (HA) is a main key performance indicator for cloud deployed services. Cloud providers offer different availability zones possibly located in different geographical regions. To protect cloud services against failures and natural disasters, it is recommended to deploy the applications on redundant resources across multiple zones and(More)
Linux containers present a lightweight solution to package applications into images and instantiate them in isolated environments. Such images may include vulnerabilities that can be exploited at runtime. A vulnerability scanning service can detect these vulnerabilities by periodically scanning the containers and their images for potential threats. When a(More)