Ali K. Unver

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Heterogeneous multiprocessor systems-on-chip (MPSoCs) powering mobile platforms integrate multiple asymmetric CPU cores, a GPU, and many specialized processors. When the MPSoC operates close to its peak performance, power dissipation easily increases the temperature, hence adversely impacts reliability. Since using a fan is not a viable solution for(More)
This paper presents a continuum traffic flow like model for the flow of products through complex production networks, based on statistical information obtained from extensive observations of the system. The resulting model consists of a system of hyperbolic conservation laws, which, in a relaxation limit, exhibit the correct diffusive properties given by(More)
In this project, we first planned to model a manufacturing system using a partial differential equation (PDE), since in the theory of traffic simulation and control, PDEs are used successfully for modeling the dynamic behavior of highway traffic. Because these traffic models show good correspondence with manufacturing systems (vehicles = products, highway =(More)
In a research project held by TUBITAK SAGE, temperature, pressure, and acceleration values were measured on an external store carried under a wing of an aircraft at various flight profiles. To choose the right sensors and devices for such flight tests, it's important to know the temperature limits that all the devices might be exposed to. This is because(More)
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