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Accurate delineation of object borders is highly desirable in echocardiography, especially at the left ventricle. Among other model-based techniques, active contours (or snakes) provide a unique and powerful approach to image analysis. In this work, we propose the use of a new external energy for a gradient vector flow (GVF) snake, being the optical flow of(More)
Ultrasound provides a non-invasive means for visualizing various tissues within the human body. However, these visualizations tend to be filled with speckle noise and other artifacts, due to the sporadic nature of sound waves. The paper presents a novel segmentation technique for use on noisy B-mode ultrasound images of the carotid artery. This scheme is(More)
Accurate left ventricle border delineation is highly desirable on inherently noisy clinical echocardiograms. Active contour (or snake) is a powerful model-based image segmentation approach. In this work, we propose to use a modified gradient vector flow (GVF) snake to segment noisy echocardiographic image cycles. The first modification is to use a speckle(More)
This paper presents a new blood flow detection scheme, where a novel painting segmentation algorithm is utilized in order to achieve the accurate area of lumens, within carotid artery B-mode ultrasound images. The scheme allows for user-defined thresholding providing tolerance levels within the contour detection process in order to overcome crippling(More)
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