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For any given Boolean formula $$\phi(x_1, \ldots , x_n)$$ , one can efficiently construct (using arithmetization) a low-degree polynomial $$p(x_1, \ldots , x_n)$$ that agrees with ϕ over all points in the Boolean cube {0, 1} n ; the constructed polynomial p can be interpreted as a polynomial over an arbitrary field $${\mathbb{F}}$$ . The problem #SAT (of(More)
We aimed to examine a cohort of patients presenting with breast implant complications to establish the sensitivity and specificity of clinical examination, Ultrasound Scanning (US) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in the diagnosis of implant rupture, and to examine the correlation between US and MRI. We performed a 26-month retrospective review.(More)
BACKGROUND The medical tourism market is a rapidly growing sector fueled by increasing health care costs, longer domestic waiting times, economic recession, and cheaper air travel. OBJECTIVES The authors investigate public opinion on undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad and then explore the information patients are likely to encounter on the Internet when(More)
The standard approach for constructing a large-stretch pseudorandom generator given a one-way permutation or given a smaller-stretch pseudo-random generator involves repeatedly composing the given primitive with itself. In this paper, we consider whether this approach is necessary, that is, whether there are constructions that do not involve composition.(More)
The body mass index (BMI) is an arbitrary criterion used by third party fundholders in some countries for rationing the public funding of reduction mammaplasty and abdominoplasty surgery. Many patients have commented that the weight of their excess breast tissue or abdominal pannus contributes to an overestimation of their body mass index. This study seeks(More)
Outcome measures of vibratory sensitivity using a 256-Hz tuning fork depend on the perception of vibration by the patient and qualitative comparison with sensory threshold on the examiner. The authors present their experience of comparison of vibratory sensation using a 512-Hz tuning fork with the conventional 256-Hz counterpart in normal volunteers. The(More)
BACKGROUND The exact mechanism of capsular contracture (CC) is still unknown. The covalent modification of hyaluronan (HA) with the heavy chains (HC) of inter-α-inhibitor (IαI) has been identified as an important pathway in inflammation and tissue remodeling, where HC·HA formation is catalyzed by TSG-6 (the protein product of tumor necrosis factor(More)