Ali Jafari

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This paper applies the Artificial Intelligence technique called Genetic Algorithm (GA) to perform analog integrated circuits design, synthesis and optimization in order to reduce the development time and increase precision of this kind of circuits. In this work an accurate method to determine the device sizes in an analog integrated circuit on the basis of(More)
—Multi-Sensor health monitoring systems are used to predict near future events of our health system. Each sensor generates humongous amount of data per second and needs to be processed in real-time. At the same time health monitoring systems are battery operated, thus they have rigid constraints on power and area of processing platform. Additionally, health(More)
We present a formalized, fully decentralized runtime semantics for a core subset of ABS, a language and framework for modelling distributed object-oriented systems. The semantics incorporates an abstract graph representation of a network infrastructure, with network endpoints represented as graph nodes, and links as arcs with buffers, corresponding to OSI(More)
This paper presents a computer-aided design (CAD) tool for automated sizing and optimization of analog integrated circuits (ICs). This tool uses artificial neural networks (ANNs) in order to deduce the device sizes that optimize the performance objectives while satisfying the constraint specifications. Neural networks can learn and generalize from data(More)
The four V's in Big data sets, Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity, provides challenges in many different aspects of real-time systems. Out of these areas securing big data sets, reduction in processing time and communication bandwidth are of utmost importance. In this paper we adopt Compressive Sensing (CS) based framework to address all three issues.(More)
A deniable authentication allows the receiver to identify the source of the received messages but cannot prove it to any third party. However, the deniability of the content, which is called restricted deniability in this paper, is concerned in electronic voting and some other similar application. At present, most non-interactive deniable authentication(More)