Ali Ismail Awad

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  • A I Awad, N A El-Hefnawy, H M Abdel_Kader
  • 2015
Task scheduling is one of the most important research topics in Cloud Computing environment. Dynamic Multi-objective task scheduling in Cloud Computing are proposed by using modified particle swarm optimization. This paper presents efficient allocation of tasks to available virtual machine in user level base on different parameters such as reliability,(More)
Eosinophils are potent inflammatory cells with numerous immune functions, including antigen presentation and exacerbation of inflammatory responses through their capacity to release a range of largely preformed cytokines and lipid mediators. Thus, timely regulation of eosinophil activation and apoptosis is crucial to develop beneficial immune response and(More)
Motivation Traffic collection set ups with significant packet drops leave incomplete trace files of network traffic The analysis over such traces may be incomplete unless data losses are explicitly reported to be considered also as part of the analysis This work targets the maximization of packet loss monitoring accuracy for reliable packet trace captures(More)
Mature male rats received bilateral electrolytic lateral hypothalamic area lesions (LHAL) or were sham-operated fed ad lib (CON-ADLIB) or sham-operated pair-fed/gained (CON-PF) to LHAL rats. One month later all rats were sacrificed. Rats with LHAL were hypophagic and had reduced body carcass fat, testes, livers, epididymal fat pads (PADS), diaphragms (DIA),(More)