Ali Ismail Awad

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In fingerprint identification, the short identification time is a crucial need. The identification time can be estimated according to the number of conducted matching processes multiplied by the consumed time by a single matching process. The Matching Score Matrix is an existing identification algorithm that reduces the number of matching processes. This(More)
  • A. I. Awad, I. B. Eltayeb, O. Z. Baraka
  • 2005
A major problem with inappropriate use of antibiotics is the emergence of resistance. Thus, cost-effective interventional strategies are required to improve their use. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of multifaceted interventions on prescribing practices of antibiotics in health centers of Khartoum State, Sudan. Twenty health centers were randomly(More)
  • A I Awad, N A El-Hefnawy, H M Abdel_Kader
  • 2015
Task scheduling is one of the most important research topics in Cloud Computing environment. Dynamic Multi-objective task scheduling in Cloud Computing are proposed by using modified particle swarm optimization. This paper presents efficient allocation of tasks to available virtual machine in user level base on different parameters such as reliability,(More)
Collection of packet traces for future analysis is a very meticulous work that must guarantee accurate traces in order for these traces to be valuable for analysis. Current platforms do not provide a means to measure this accuracy. This paper describes a real-time monitoring method to measure the quality of a collected trace. The method takes a system(More)
Network traces are a valuable source of information for modeling and analysis of network behavior and for the evaluation of network protocols. These crucial activities should be supported with reliable traffic traces. Reliable packet capturing facilities should be devoted to avoid losing packets and at the very last, report when packets have been lost with(More)
Cattle identification receives a great research attention as an important way to maintain the livestock. The identification accuracy and the processing time are two key challenges of any cattle identification methodology. This paper presents a robust and fast cattle identification scheme from muzzle print images using local invariant features. The presented(More)