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In this study, we used 20 morphological traits (during two consecutive growing seasons) and 11 microsatellite markers to assess the morphological and molecular variability and structure of the almond (Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb). Seventy one promising Iranian genotypes and three foreign reference cultivars (Ferragnes, Supernova, and Touno) were(More)
BACKGROUND In developing countries, the treatment of hemophilia patients with inhibitors is presently the most challenging and serious issue in hemophilia management, direct costs of clotting factor concentrates accounting for >98% of the highest economic burden absorbed for the health care of patients in this setting. In the setting of chronic diseases,(More)
The two main objectives of this research were to identify new S-RNase alleles in Iranian almond cultivars and to characterize naturally occurring mutations in these alleles that may cause self-compatibility. We investigated S genotypes of 22 Iranian almond cultivars using stylar RNase electrophoresis, PCR and DNA sequencing. We report six previously(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of present study was to develop and validate an appropriate socioeconomic status (SES) assessment questionnaire to be used through health studies in Iranian urban households. METHODS The study was conducted through a mixed method study design in Tabriz, northwest of Iran in 2014. It was conducted in several stages including: development(More)
CONTEXT Mild-to-moderate bleeding disorders in haemophilia are primarily treated via recombinant activated factor VII a (rFVIIa) or activated prothrombin complex concentrate (aPCC). However, the efficacy of each bypassing agents may vary and none of them is universally effective. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION After reviewing the databases of PubMed, Scopus, MD(More)
Wheat is the world's most important crop and drought is a global problem. Wheat production is subjected to water deficit after pollination in Ardabil. An experiment was conducted for assessing tolerance of 12 bread wheat genotypes to terminal drought. Experimental design was split plot on the basis of RB in three repetitions. The main factor was normal(More)
We extend a collocation method for solving a nonlinear ordinary differential equation ODE via Jacobi polynomials. To date, researchers usually use Chebyshev or Legendre collocation method for solving problems in chemistry, physics, and so forth, see the works of Doha and Bhrawy 2006, Guo 2000, and Guo et al. 2002 . Choosing the optimal polynomial for(More)
This study was undertaken to identify morphological changes in young seedlings of 5 Iranian almond species (Prunus dulcis, P. eburnea, P. eleagnifolia, P. haussknechti, and P. scoparia) under polyethylene glycol-induced drought stress. Drought stress caused a significant reduction in plant growth parameters such as fresh and dry weights of plant organs,(More)
In order to evaluate grain yield and some morphological traits of bread wheat genotypes under lowwater stress condition and also with presence of potassium humate (EDAGUM®SM), an experiment was performed in the form of split plot on the basis of completely randomized block design with three replications; and in two stressful conditions (stopping irrigation(More)