Ali Ihsan Bebek

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to compare eustachian function and blood gas changes with nasal packing (NP) and nasal septal suturing (NSS) after septoplasty. METHODS Eighty patients who have nasal septal deviation and who otherwise are healthy were studied. Forty of these patients had finger glove NPs in their nasal cavities for 48 hours after(More)
Teratomas are the most common congenital tumours, but teratomas of the nasopharynx are rare in neonates. The present report concerns a premature 30-week-old infant girl with an extensive nasopharyngeal teratoma protruding from the oral cavity. The tumour completely obstructed the airway and necessitated immediate intubation. The tumour was successfully(More)
BACKGROUND An animal study is performed to determine the early effect of 1% Na hyaluronate on mucociliary clearance function. METHODS One percent of Na hyaluronate was introduced into the maxillary sinuses of rabbits by anterior antrostomy. A physiological solution of 1% NaCl was introduced into the maxillary sinuses of a control group to equalize the(More)
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