Ali I. El-Desouky

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Knowledge in domain is expressed with the help of ontology which is scattered all over its space. Using ontology gives a share in increasing precision. Different ontologies may represent the same domain, thus includes different terms that equivalently refer to the same meaning and vice versa. This results in different structures for ontologies. That's why(More)
Communication is the most important feature for meaningful interaction among agents in distributed multi-agent systems. Communication enables agent's interaction to achieve their goals. Agent communication languages provide a standard in the protocol and language used in the communication, but cannot provide a standard in ontology, because ontology depends(More)
Software Performance Engineering (SPE) has a great impact on software life cycle. A great effort had been introduced in this area. Automation degree of transformation and evaluation process, standardization degree, and performance parameters evaluated represent a big challenge for SPE. This paper presents an XSLT-based framework to overcome these(More)