Ali I. El-Desouky

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Agent communication languages provide a standard in the protocol and language used in the agent communication, but can't provide a standard in ontology, because ontology depends on the subject and concept of the communication and it is almost impossible for two agents can share a same semantic vocabulary, they usually have a heterogeneous private vocabulary(More)
Hepatitis-B surface antigen (HBsAg), circulating anti-schistosomal IgG (CSAb) and circulating specific schistosomal immune complexes (CIC) were detected, using ELISA, in sera of 40 active nephrotic children, 40 active S. mansoni infected cases and 20 apparently normal age-matched controls. The presence of HBsAg cases was significantly higher among nephrotic(More)
In shared memory parallel processing environment , shared variables facilitate communication among processes. To protect shared variables from concurrent access by more than one process at a time, they placed in a critical section. Scheduling a set of parallel processes to access this critical section with the aim of minimizing the time spent to execute(More)
Software Performance Engineering (SPE) has a great impact on software life cycle. A great effort had been introduced in this area. Automation degree of transformation and evaluation process, standardization degree, and performance parameters evaluated represent a big challenge for SPE. This paper presents an XSLT-based framework to overcome these(More)
Large databases with uncertainty became more common in many applications. Ranking queries are essential tools to process these databases and return only the most relevant answers of a query, based on a scoring function. Many approaches were proposed to study and analyze the problem of efficiently answering such ranking queries. Managing distributed(More)