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Identification of green management system’s factors: A conceptualized model
Abstract This paper discusses the basic factors and a conceptual model in the adoption and maintenance of green management system. It is anticipated that if organizations ensure these factors, theyExpand
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Designing a generic model for outsourcing process in public sector: evidence of Iran
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to describe the outsourcing process in the public sector, determine the effective factors involved in this process and their priorities. The aim is to develop aExpand
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Partnering Elements’ Importance for Success in the Norwegian Construction Industry☆
Abstract As construction projects are becoming more complex and uncertain, and there is an increased focus on sustainability and green building, partnering is a way of enabling a non-adversarialExpand
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Success factors for early contractor involvement (ECI) in public infrastructure projects
It is widely accepted that contractor involvement in the front end can influence the outcome of the project in a positive way. However, in the traditional project delivery method of constructionExpand
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Project Partnering in Norwegian Construction Industry
Abstract Although partnering is one of the preferred methods of project delivery to address adversarial behavior, there is still a lack of a thorough and descriptive definition over this concept.Expand
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Selection Criteria for Delivery Methods for Infrastructure Projects
Abstract The project delivery method (PDM) greatly influences the project outcome. Design-Build, Construction Management and Design-Bid-Build represent the three main methods. Each PDM comes up withExpand
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The Characteristics of Australian Infrastructure Alliance Projects
Abstract The alliance contract method is a relatively new project delivery method that has started becoming popular in recent decades as an alternative to both traditional and other forms ofExpand
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Project Partnering in the Construction Industry: Theory vs. Practice
Clarification of what partnering is and its practical implications may help the construction industry to achieve the full benefits of this concept. The purpose of this study is to shed more light onExpand
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Social Acceptance of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities
Utilization of renewable energy technologies has short-term, middle-term and long term interests. Since the portion of renewable energies have to increase 10% till 2025, legislating relevant polici...
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