Ali Hosseini-Khayat

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Test-driven development of GUIs is currently very difficult. On the one hand, to avoid frequent updates of the tests, test-driven development requires a degree of stability in the application under development, whereas GUIs are very likely to change during development. On the other hand, the easiest way of creating GUI tests - using a capture/replay tool -(More)
Lack of tool support is hindering the growing interest in incorporating usability evaluation into agile software development practices. To address this concern we have developed ActiveStory Enhanced, a tool for creation and remote evaluation of low-fidelity prototypes. Building on its predecessor, ActiveStory Enhanced remotely collects more forms of(More)
This paper presents a technique for test-driven development of GUIbased applications, as well as a pilot evaluation. In our approach, user interface prototypes are created in such a way as to allow capture/replay tools to record interactions with them. These recordings can then be replayed on the actual GUI as it is being developed in a test-driven fashion.(More)
This paper presents “ActiveStory Enhanced” as a tool that enables prototyping user interfaces and conducting usability tests in a way that is aligned with agile principles. The tool allows designers to sketch user interface prototypes as well as add basic interactions to provide navigation. Sketching can be done using a mouse or stylus on tablet PCs.(More)
This chapter describes the development of GUI-based applications, from usability engineering and prototyping to acceptance test-driven development, in an agile context. An overview of current agile interaction design practices will be presented, including a thorough analysis of the current role of prototyping and current attempts to facilitate test-driven(More)
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