Ali Honarvar

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The proteasome is considered the most important proteolytic system for removal of damaged proteins with aging. Using fluorogenic peptide substrates, the chymotrypsin-like, the trypsin-like, and the peptidylglutamyl peptidase activities of the proteasome were measured in the soluble fractions of liver, brain, and lens rat homogenates. Specific activity was(More)
PURPOSE To determine what caspases are activated during staurosporin-induced apoptosis in cultured bovine lens epithelial cells (BLECs), to study the time course of caspase activation in relation to morphologic changes, and to investigate the effect of caspase and/or proteasome inhibition on apoptosis. METHODS BLECs were incubated with staurosporin at(More)
In the context of vehicular safety and entertainment applications, we focus on the design of a reliable medium access control scheme. Each vehicle is willing to form a network and regularly communicate with the other vehicles in its vicinity, forming a Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET). The information that is being communicated is short lived, and(More)
Being of a high complexity, most multi-agent systems are difficult to deal with by a hand-coded approach to decision making. In such complicated environments in which decision making processes should be controlled from both the individuals points' of view and the whole team, the common approach to the subject is the Reinforcement Learning (RL) method which(More)
SUMMARY This paper examines the nature and structure of the Canadian oil export market in the context of world prices for heavy crude oil and the potential price differential available to Canadian producers gaining access to new overseas markets. Success in this arena will allow Canada to reap incredible economic benefits. For example, the near term(More)
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