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  • IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine
  • 2011
The European organization for the Safety of Air Navigation is developing and maintaining BADA for use in trajectory simulation within the field of Air Traffic Management (ATM). There has been continuous research on using BADA for the estimation of fuel consumption and aviation global emission. In contrast, little attention has been paid to utilize BADA as(More)
Design and Implementation of Advanced Bayesian Networks with Comparative Probability Ali Hilal Ali Submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy February 2012 The main purpose of this research is to enhance the current procedures of designing decision support systems (DSSs) used by decision-makers to comprehend the current situation better in cases where(More)
In order to improve and upgrade the performance of devices used in data communications, such devices are particularly Routers, which are used to link computer networks among themselves, and for identification and selection of the shortest ways to access data, this research is designed and programmed for remote controlling and managing a router that links(More)
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