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1) Immobilization of cat soleus muscle in shortened position for only seven days was sufficient to elicit a marked reduction in the sarcomere number of individual muscle fibres and a considerable decrease in extensibility. 2) These effects were similar to those observed in previous experiments (TABARY et al., 1972) during which the muscles were immobilized(More)
Halothane, commonly used for anesthetizing humans and animals, is one of the most important volatile anesthetics and may cause the formation of free radicals during its biotransformation. Free radicals may lead to degeneration of liver cells. Vitamin E and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) containing selenium are two natural antioxidants, and these may(More)
INTRODUCTION In the past 2 decades, research findings established achievement goal theory as a powerful framework for conceptualizing difference in the quality of student's engagement, persistence on task, and academic resilience. So the present study examined the relationship between achievement goal orientations and academic resilience. METHOD(More)
INTRODUCTION Research shows that there is a relationship between students' perceptions of classroom and learning environment and their cognitive, affective, emotional and behavioral outcomes, so, in this study the relationship between medical students' perception of learning environment and academic emotions was examined. METHOD The research method used(More)
INTRODUCTION The importance of medical profession and the role of the physician in society is no secret to anyone. Skills and competencies in clinical practice are necessary for the medical profession. In fact, in patient care, doctors require practical skills in addition to scientific knowledge. This study examines the potentials of medical school students(More)
INTRODUCTION The information literacy status and the use of information technology among students in the globalization age of course plans are very momentous. This study aimed to evaluate the information literacy status and use of information technology among medical students of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 2013. METHODS This was a(More)
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