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Pattern recognition tasks often face the situation that training data are not fully representative of test data. This problem is well-recognized in speech recognition, where methods like cepstral mean normalization (CMN), vocal tract length normalization (VTLN) and maximum likelihood linear regression (MLLR) are used to compensate for channel and speaker(More)
An automated pulmonary nodule detection system is necessary to help radiologist to identify and detect the nodules at early stage. In this paper, a novel pulmonary nodule detection system is proposed using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) based on hybrid features consist of 2D and 3D Geometric and Intensity based statistical features. The lung volume is(More)
This letter introduces a novel approach to rotation and scale invariant texture classification. The proposed approach is based on Gabor filters that have the capability to collapse the filter responses according to the scale and orientation of the textures. These characteristics are exploited to first calculate the homogeneous texture of images followed by(More)
The antidiuretic effects of arginine vasopressin (AVP) on the kidney are mediated by V2 subtype AVP receptors (V2R). To investigate the role of regulation of V2R in water and sodium homeostasis, we have developed a method for small interfering RNA (siRNA)-mediated inhibition of V2R expression in vivo. Three 21-nt siRNA sequences were chosen that(More)
This paper extends binary support vector machines to multi-class classification for recognising emotions from speech. We apply two standard schemes (one-versus-one and one-versus-rest) and two schemes that form a hierarchy of classifiers each making a distinct binary decision about class membership, on three publicly-available databases. Using the OpenEAR(More)
approach to solve the RWA problem. I. INTRODUCTION WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) in optical networks offers huge bandwidth capacity [1] that makes it a promising technology for next generation optical networks. In wavelength-routed WDM networks, data is routed between end-nodes in all-optical channels called 'lightpaths' [2]. If the intermediate(More)
We present an integral equation method for conformal mapping of doubly connected regions onto a unit disc with a circular slit of radius µ < 1. Our theoretical development is based on the boundary integral equation for conformal mapping of doubly connected region derived by Murid and Razali [15]. In this paper, using the boundary relationship satisfied by(More)