Ali Hassan El Baz

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In this paper, we propose a fuzzy-based multi-spectral (MS) and panchromatic (PAN) image fusion approach which provides a tradeoff solution between spectral and spatial fidelity and is able to preserve more detail in terms of spectral and spatial information. First, we perform principal component analysis on the multi-spectral images and utilise the first(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive remote sensing image fusion technique based on the particle swarm optimization (PSO) to get the optimum fused image. Firstly, the principal component analysis (PCA) is applied such as feature extraction. The PCA is applied to the multi-spectral (MS) images to concentrate the spatial resolution. Secondly, the discrete cosine(More)
Remote sensing image fusion is an effective way to use a large volume of data from multisensor images. Most earth satellites such as SPOT, Landsat 7, IKONOS and QuickBird provide both panchromatic (Pan) images at a higher spatial resolution and multispectral (MS) images at a lower spatial resolution and many remote sensing applications require both high(More)
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