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Bacillus subtilis CL27 and B. pumilus CL45 showed similar activity against Botrytis cinerea in in vitro plate assays. In a seedling bioassay, however, B. subtilis CL27 had activity similar to a commercial fungicide while B. pumilus CL45 failed completely to prevent seedling damping-off caused by Bot. cinerea. Antibiotic production by the two Bacillus(More)
Temporal auditory processing of open (e.g. pie) versus closed (e.g. pipe) syllables in a specific group of phonologically impaired children who deleted word-final consonants and normal phonologically developing children between the ages of 4 and 7 yr was investigated. The disordered group demonstrated significantly poorer discrimination at the faster but(More)
It has been proposed that future occupational aerosol exposure standards be based on particle size-selective sampling criteria that more accurately reflect worker exposure. In relation to methods currently used for determining individual workers' lead exposures, the widely used 37-mm, closed-face, plastic sampling cassette is known from laboratory wind(More)
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