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  • Ali Hamlili
  • 2006 2nd International Conference on Information…
  • 2006
This paper targets to propose an efficient reliability evaluation and prediction scheme based on concepts of improvable information and communication networks (ICN). In this order of ideas, several black-box models of reliability growth are proposed in the literature. Remarking that a wide variety of methods, in the literature, suppose restrictive(More)
  • Ali Hamlili
  • 2012 5th International Conference on New…
  • 2012
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) refer to the applications of information and communication technologies to the field of transportation. The intelligence of such systems comes from their capacity of sensing, communicating, storing and processing information and adapting their own behavior according to the environment and in order to insure safe and(More)
  • Ali Hamlili
  • 2009 Global Information Infrastructure Symposium
  • 2009
TCP constitutes the principal protocol of the TCP/IP model transport stack. Today, TCP-Reno is the mainly deployed transport protocol on Internet. It defines a method of controlling congestion in networks with packet switching and particularly the Internet. In spite of the efforts made to resolve the congestion problem, this protocol continues to meet(More)
The concept of social networks has been widely studied for different classic (socio-economic problems, trade networks, etc) and contemporary (World Wide Web, cell phone networks, smart city networks, IoT, etc.) settings. People, organizations, intelligent vehicles, mobile robots, wearable and embedded devices, all can be connected by means of appropriate(More)
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