Ali H. Hamad

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Controlled human malaria infection (CHMI) by mosquito bite has been used to assess anti-malaria interventions in > 1,500 volunteers since development of methods for infecting mosquitoes by feeding on Plasmodium falciparum (Pf) gametocyte cultures. Such CHMIs have never been used in Africa. Aseptic, purified, cryopreserved Pf sporozoites, PfSPZ Challenge,(More)
In this paper, a neuro-fuzzy algorithm has been implemented to improve the path planning of a mobile robot based on modification of vector field histogram (VFH) approach using neuro-fuzzy algorithm. A back propagation neural network has been used for detection of unknown obstacle to avoid collision. A neural network model is used to learn (off line) many(More)
In this work, a Modified Vector Field Histogram (MVFH) has been developed to improve path planning and obstacle avoidance for a wheeled driven mobile robot. It permits the detection of unknown obstacle to avoid collisions by simultaneously a steering the mobile robot toward the target; a regular grid map representation for a work space environment is(More)
In this work, a developed modified one sampling ahead preview (OSAP) controller with repetitive control action for single – phase voltage source PWM inverters used in (UPS) systems is proposed. The proposed technique minimizes largely the plant modeling errors resulted from simplification made to obtain a linear discrete-time plant model. In addition, due(More)
—This paper presents a case study of using STATCOM to enhance the performance of Al-Qatraneh 33-kV transmission line. The location of the STATCOM was identified by maintaining minimum voltage drops at the 110 load nodes. The transmission line and the 110 load nodes have been modeled by MATLAB/Simulink. The suggested STATCOM and its location will increase(More)
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