Ali H Ghaffari

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Melatonin affects a variety of circadian processes such as behavior and neurotransmitter release in vertebrates. Crayfish melatonin production occurs in the eyestalks, and the cycle of production may change seasonally. To date, however, melatonin's roles and mechanisms of action in crustacean physiology are unclear. We injected melatonin or saline into(More)
The effects of supplementing ewe diets with either DL-methionine (DL-Met) or 2-hydroxy-4 (methylthio) butanoic acid isopropyl ester (HMBi) were investigated on ruminal in situ degradability of grain and forage diets, in vivo digestibility, rumen fermentation, blood metabolites and antioxidant status. Six ruminally cannulated ewes were used in a replicated 3(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of sundried pistachio by-products (PBP) as a replacement of alfalfa hay (AH) on blood metabolites, rumen fermentation and populations of rumen bacteria involved in biohydrogenation (BH) in Baluchi sheep. Four adult male Baluchi sheep (41 ± 1.3 kg, BW) fitted with ruminal cannulae were randomly(More)
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