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The effect of pre-treatment with 200 mM NaCl on the response of four barley cultivars (Hordeum vulgare L. cv. Bülbül-89, Kalaycı-97, Tarm-92 and Tokak-157/37) to UV-B radiation was investigated. Salt stress as well as UV-B irradiation led to a decrease of the total chlorophyll (chl) content in all cultivars, except in Kalaycı-97. While carotenoids are(More)
Although service-oriented computing holds great promises, it is still not clear when and how the existing systems will exploit this new computational model. The problem is particularly severe for the software having several years of use. This work provides a roadmap for the migration of legacy software to service-oriented computing by means of right levels(More)
Service-Oriented Computing holds great promises to realize the vision of on-demand services available anytime and anywhere. It is still not clear, however, when and how the existing systems will benefit from this new wave. The problem is particularly acute for the software embedded in myriad devices. This work charts a roadmap for migration of legacy(More)
Product or company names used in this set are for identification purposes only. Inclusion of the names of the products or companies does not indicate a claim of ownership by IGI Global of the trademark or registered trademark. Modern software engineering concepts and practices : advanced approaches / Ali H. Doğru and Veli Biçer, editors. p. cm. Includes(More)