Ali H. Alsaffar

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of the P2/233 Desktop concept. If a new user wants to browse a concept list, he/she is asked to roughly deene the concept in terms of index terms, which are called text references in RUBRIC, using a query interface. The user's deenition is matched against the MTSs of persistent and exported concepts and the resulting set in the form of rules is returned to(More)
One of the main issues in the field of information retrieval is to bridge the terminological gap existing between the way in which users specify their information needs and the way in which queries are expressed. One of the approaches for this purpose, called Rule Based Information Retrieval by Computer (RUBRIC), involves the use of production rules to(More)
There is considerable interest in bridging the terminological gap that exists between the way users prefer to specify their information needs and the way queries are expressed in terms of keywords or text expressions that occur in documents. One of the approaches proposed for bridging this gap is based on technologies for expert systems. The central idea of(More)
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