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The Computer Architecture and Organization course in Computer and Electrical Engineering departments faces with a big problem: the migration from theory to practice. In order to solve this problem, a Computer Architecture simulator named BZK.SAU[1] is designed using an emulator program for educational purpose. This approach has important limitations. While(More)
The most ideal learning about a topic is to put the theoretical knowledge into practice. Computer Architecture and Organization course plays a significant role in the electronics engineering, computer engineering and similar disciplines. To convert practice the concepts handled in this course is not easy task. In this paper, we present a computer(More)
Operating systems and computer architecture and organization course are fundamental topics underlying many disciplines, including computer, electrical and electronics engineering departments. These courses involve both a theoretical and practical part for the effective learning process. A FPGA-based micro computer architecture design named BZK.SAU.FPGA10.1(More)
Plants play a crucial role in terms of the lives of human and other creatures since the existence of the universe. Despite the studies of plant scientists, there are many undiscovered and unidentified species in our environment. This paper is aimed to add the leaves, whose images have been clearly attained, to the system and to provide a proper analysis of(More)
In this study, optical character recognition (OCR) was carried out by using artificial neural network. Negative correlation learning (NCL) method was used to teach artificial neural network. Negative correlation learning, which trains artificial neural networks in groups instead of teaching them individually, is a new technique. By teaching different(More)
Spoken words recognition provides applications like spoken commands recognitions in robotics command, speech based number dialing for phones and mobiles, etc. It also provides applications in railway and banking areas. This work aims at designing of optimal Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network (MLP NN) based classifiers for speaker dependent spoken digits(More)
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