Ali Gul Qureshi

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Construction of a gastrointestinal stoma is a frequently performed surgical procedure. The rationale for a temporary loop ileostomy is to provide defunctioning in case of a potentionally dangerous anastomotic complication with an obvious risk for mortality. Although formaton of defunctioning loop Ileostomy is usually a straightforward procedure, there is an(More)
Vehicle routing problem is a kind of common problem in logistics distribution center, in order to solve the high delivery cost of VRP and time constraint problem, the VRP model with the object level and constraints by semi-soft time window is built. Aiming to the semi-soft time window constraints the optimization of the model is discussed. Finally the(More)
One strategy adopted by vaccinia virus (VV) to evade the host immune system is to encode homologs of TNF receptors (TNFRs) that block TNF-α function. The response to VV skin infection under conditions of TNF-α deficiency, however, has not been reported. We found that TNFR1-/- mice developed larger primary lesions, numerous satellite lesions, and higher skin(More)
We study a variant of the undirected Capacitated Arc Routing Problem (CARP). This problem is motivated from debris collection operation after disaster. In this paper, the sequences in visiting and servicing arcs become very important. It is because one section may block other sections. Only adjacent arcs can be connected with each other, while for distant(More)
Vehicle Routing Problem with Semi-Soft Time Windows (VRPSSTW) is a new extension of Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). In the VRPSSTW, vehicles are not strictly forced to serve customers only within time windows. It is also possible to arrive earlier than time windows (waiting at no cost until time windows begin) or to arrive later than time windows (with(More)
This paper presents a column generation-based heuristics for the Vehicle Routing and scheduling Problem with Soft Time Windows (VRPSTW). The subproblem has been solved using a modified stochastic push forward insertion heuristics that incorporates the early and late arrival penalties. The useful dual information (shadow prices) from the column generation(More)
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