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Keywords: Feature extraction Curve length method Support vector machine K-nearest neighbors Multi layer perceptron Fusion (hybrid) classification Arrhythmia classification Supervised learning machine a b s t r a c t In this study, a new supervised noise-artifact-robust heart arrhythmia fusion classification solution, is introduced. Proposed method consists(More)
In this paper the superheating system of a 325MW steam power generating plant is modeled by usage of recurrent neuro-fuzzy networks and subtractive clustering. The experimental data are obtained from a complete set of field experiments under various operating conditions. Neuro-fuzzy models are constructed for each subsystem of the superheating unit. The(More)
Single-shaft gas turbines are sensitive to frequency changes which might affect the grid stability during large frequency drops. This paper presents a new control system that uses steam injection as an auxiliary input to improve the transient performance of the gas turbine during frequency drops. Steam injection is beneficial because it reduces the peak(More)
Clustering in wireless sensor networks is one of the crucial methods for increasing of network lifetime. There are many algorithms in for clustering. LEACH algorithm is one of the important clusters based in wireless sensor network. In this paper we proposed a new clustering method for increasing of network lifetime. In this we distribute several sensors(More)