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This paper proposes a new filtering method for periodic noise reduction in gray level images. The proposed filter consists of two orthogonal Gaussian filters with elliptic profile for each noise peak provided a star shaped filter. Therefore it is called “Gaussian star filter” (GaSF). The filter parameters for each noise peak are estimated by(More)
In this study intended to salt and pepper noise in gray level digital image is reduced with adaptive fuzzy filter(ABF) method. Filtering process is realized in two stages. In the first stage, amount of salt and pepper noise has been detected in the image. In the second stage, noise is reduced by a filter that of coefficients are determined according to(More)
In this paper, we propose an improved motion-compensated restoration method for color motion picture films deteriorated due to flashing blotches. The method consists of an improved multiresolution block matching with log-D search, a rank ordered differences-based blotch detection and 3D vector median filtering for interpolation of missing data, and utilizes(More)
This paper presents a method for automatic removal of local defects such as blotches and impulse noise in old motion picture films. The method is fully automatic and includes the following steps: fuzzy prefiltering, motion-compensated blotch detection, and spatiotemporal inpainting. The fuzzy prefil-ter removes small defective areas such as impulse noise.(More)
In this paper, five different voiced direction command recognition is realized in real-time. Speech detection step is performed on voice recordings that includes five different direction commands. Mel frequency cepstrum coefficients (MFCC) and Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) coefficients are utilized to extract feature vectors and training data set.(More)